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Inquiry Generation

  • On generation of inquiry, the sales team will first assess product category, product grading, and order quantity assessment.


  • Verification of availability of order inquiry in stock in our warehousing in UK.

  • If ordered quantities are available, in warehouses, necessary certifications of said order would be provided and order would be processed for confirmation.

  • If order quantity is not available in our warehousing, the sales team will check with our vetted and certified manufacturing partners and furnish the client with earliest possible delivery schedule.

Logistics Management

  • If the client order volume is available in our warehousing facility convenient to the client, the delivery will be facilitated by one of the local partner courier services.

  • All international deliveries will be executed through our pre-booked freight partners handled by Forthbrae logistics team.

  • Pre and post-delivery customer service will be provided at all Forthbrae customers.

Our Supply Chain Strengths

  • Consistent availability of stock in our warehouse facility in the United Kingdom.

  • Provision of all necessary verifications and certifications of authorities in China, Europe and North America.

  • We assure our quality by working with the most reputable and well-known organizations around the world which have certified CFDA, FDA & CE approvals.

  • We assure consistent delivery of products due to our guaranteed volume bookings with top manufacturers.

  • Our consistent supply volume guarantees us cargo space with all well-known freight providers.

  • In addition to our current product list, we specialize in sourcing new products with all prerequisite physical vetting, quality verifications and site visits which are carried out by our sales and technical staff.